Living the Lash Life

Hi Everyone!

Okay sooo I am actually really excited/nervous right now to be creating my very first make-up blog post! I am writing on here a little earlier than planned, but that is because I can’t wait to share this absolute bargain with you (and also because I ordered this product and then COMPLETELY forgot about it, which is a sad vindication of my shopping addiction but that’s a story for another time)!

So there I was at work, sat at my desk with the system down, when an email appears from reception titled ‘package’. Now, this usually happens 3/4 times a week given my inability to STOP SPENDING but generally I know what I am expecting. The suspense of this was all too much so I immediately rushed down there and discovered my parcel waiting for me.

I found enclosed the BEST little bargain I have located for quite some time… LASHES. So, usually I spend a small fortune on big eyelash brands and I must admit that given their good quality I do always seem to get my money’s worth. However, I discovered these beauties on ebay for literally a fraction of the price and couldn’t resist!

Priced at £3.98 you receive 5 pairs in this pack – which is insane when you think that quite often it can cost triple that for one pair – with glue not included.

Fluffy lashes are a must-have, and these are extra wispy too which is what I like. They look glam enough for a night out, but as I love a full lash look I definitely think you would be able to get away with these for every-day wear too if you’re like me and love being really extra.

Click here to take a look!

Since they don’t come with glue, I have included a link to an eyelash glue for £1.99 which can be found here – although if you’re like me you probably have a stash of miscellaneous lash glues hiding in your make-up bags or clutches from nights out!!

That’s it for my first official blog post, and I hope you liked it. Please do feel free to give feedback and let me know of any other lash brands you think I should try.

See you soon xxx

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