Treatments Introduction!

In the age of social media it is difficult to not compare yourself to these quintessential insta-models who have access to the best surgeons and treatments around. That is why it is so important to ensure that when undergoing any kind of treatment, you have carried out your research whilst doing it for YOURSELF (no one else)! I made the decision to get a small amount of lip filler around 6 months ago due to a life-long insecurity, and in this section will ensure I am completely honest about the process, the benefits and the potential disadvantages of not doing your research. You are all beautiful in your own way, so make sure you do not succumb to pressures of society when considering treatments. I will also include other products on this page, including eyebrow waxes/tints, lash lifts, and any home products I am able to source which I think may be of use to you all xxx

*side-note* This blog is in no way promoting the use of lip enhancements or lip filler. If you are considering any cosmetic treatments, you must be over the age of 18 and I would advise you wait a little longer to guarantee that you are certain of your decision.

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