Lash Update!

Hi Everyone,

I am currently recovering from a jam-packed weekend; I went to Oktoberfest (not in Germany unfortunately) on Saturday which meant lots of alcohol – although I opted for cider over beer.

I also thought this would be the PERFECT time to try out the lashes I blogged about the other day and I must say they managed to exceed expectations! Once I had cut them down to my size, they went on so easily. The glue I used was an old one from Primark I found in my clutch bag; usually I think it is most effective to leave the glue on for a little while until it goes tacky before application onto the lid.

The thing I love about these lashes is their versatility. The first look I have included below is my ‘out out’ go to look – a gold smoky eye with winged eyeliner. I found that the lashes looked great with this style and were bold enough to allow me to stand out and achieve the glam image I was going for.

Can we just appreciate the stress of getting your winged eyeliner even before a night out please?
Aaand the finished look which is making me feel very vain, but we are all about self-love on this blog! Also excuse my fluffy pink dressing gown which I unfortunately did not wear to Oktoberfest…

Sooo we have established the lashes are a must-have for your night-time makeup bag – let’s have a look at day-time.

The day after Oktoberfest, I went for breakfast with friends and then to the pub in the afternoon for a couple of gins (this may be a reoccurring theme you will notice on this blog).

I must note that my lashes stayed in great condition from the night before so I was able to re-use them (I am all for sustainability and durability with my products). When I applied them again with more natural makeup, their wispiness meant that they weren’t too OTT for the day’s events which I was really pleased about.

FYI it is sooo hard to know where to look when taking pictures of you own eyes!!!

So to conclude, I definitely think these eyelashes have convinced me to deviate away from more expensive brands. They fit different makeup looks, are easy to apply, and can be re-used – what’s not to love? Remember, they can be purchased here!

Keep your eyes peeled for new posts as I will be trying to post as much content as I can! xxx

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