Getting Lippy

Hey everyone, welcome to my most recent blog post in which we will be having an honest discussion about… lip filler.

This isn’t a decision I made lightly and I would like to emphasise to anyone considering the procedure – PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH. The consequences of not looking into the treatment properly and verifying the person doing your procedure can be cataclysmic (for an example you can click here).

Researching and the clinic

I first had this procedure in January, having considered the treatment for quite some time. I had messaged various clinics and checked that they were completely qualified for the treatment when I eventually decided to visit Enhance Me Aesthetics, a clinic in Essex where I am based. Their reputation is undisputed and they are extremely happy to answer any questions regarding the treatment. I would also like to point out that this is not a paid post and I am not receiving any kind of discount in exchange for this blog – I genuinely would recommend them for anyone considering this treatment.

First of all, the expectation management was great; the natural anatomy of my lips is a little uneven and Abbie, the lady carrying out the procedure, made me aware of this and said that whilst it cannot be removed entirely, the appearance could be improved.

Moreover, when I visited the clinic this time round Abbie asked if I would like volume or shape. When I asked for improvements on my shape (Cupid’s bow to be precise) she said that this was the answer she was hoping to hear and had I have said I wanted more volume and filler injected into the main body of my lip she would have turned me away. This, I think, is really important. I myself am a young, influential girl and I definitely feel the pressures emerging from social media at times; it is reassuring to know that my own safety and welfare is prioritised over profit accumulation when I visit Enhance Me.

The price

Their price list can be located on this page – I paid £100 for 0.5ml, and a deposit is required when booking. Whilst this is certainly not a small expense, it represents the quality of treatment. I definitely do not think ‘cutting corners’ and trying to save money is an appropriate approach when it comes to something like this and I once again urge people to do their research. The filler used is Revolax, and I have included a little more information on this type of filler here for you to look at! There are many different types of filler, so make sure you read up on them carefully and select the one that works best for you!

Upon arrival at the clinic, I was handed a safety form and medical sheet to complete to ensure that I was able to proceed with the treatment. Once processed, my lips were numbed for around 15-20 minutes – it feels pretty weird and cold and I would also be careful to not let it go on your tongue as that is an ODD experience!!!

I would just like to point out the cream also made my lips swell – I wouldn’t be getting any filler EVER if my lips were this big!

The pain and the aftercare

After this, I was taken into the treatment room. The procedure was explained to me again, and the result I wanted was confirmed with input and advice from Abbie. You are also able to change the amount of filler – sometimes Abbie advises against amounts if she thinks the result may be too excessive. She is also VERY realistic about the pain. No, it is not pain-free and you will feel a bit of discomfort. I would compare it to a sharp scratch. She works relatively quickly though so the pain doesn’t last for long. I think my procedure took around 5/10 minutes and then that was it!

This was the result immediately after, and I was suuuuper happy but you also need to remember this result can change in the coming days…

The first time I had my lips done back in January I really bruised, but there was very little of that this time around. That being said, there was A LOT of swelling which I was prepared for – make sure you consider this and do not freak out when they look huge the next day as this is normal. It took a few days for my swelling to go down, and if you do go through with the treatment make sure you follow the advice on your aftercare sheet word for word as lumps can form if you fail to massage them as advised.

As you can see, they look HUGE here!

Fear not though, as the swelling does go down in the end and below is the result a week later! I may be biased, but I personally think they look really natural and not too OTT – my personal preference is a more natural look but each to their own!

As you can see, the swelling has majorly gone down, but my Cupid’s bow is nice and defined which is JUST the look I asked for! Also excuse the Christmas pj’s but it is November and Michael Bublé is officially thawing!!!

All in all, I am really impressed with the result. My filler lasts really well, and I do not think I will need anymore for another 8-10 months, but this isn’t the case for everyone and it really does depend on your own metabolism.

I still maintain that this treatment is not for everyone, and what has worked for me may not work for you. I have said this so many times but that is only because it is EXTREMELY important to RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH!! If in doubt, don’t do it. My experience with Enhance Me was great, so I would say that if you are considering the treatment to get in touch with them for more information.

I really hope this post has helped anyone looking into filler, but I want to reiterate to whoever is reading this that you are beautiful in your own way and should remember that xxx

p.s. you can see the final look of my lips below (a picture in which I am not wearing pj’s… weird)!

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