Tarte Haul – 7 items for £56!!!

Happy Saturday! And what a happy Saturday this truly is, because I have just bagged 7 Tarte items for £56!

The Brand

Before I set up my blog, I asked people for cruelty free brands they would recommend and A LOT of responses came back with Tarte, but because I was looking for a more student-friendly price range I had to temporarily pass on that suggestion. However, now I have located this little bargain I can actually trial some Tarte products for my fellow bargain hunters. Unfortunately, they don’t do student discount at present, but hopefully this is something we will start to see from bigger make-up brands in the future.

Given how amazing this offer was, it sold out pretty quickly, but I have carried out a little background research and have found some more purse-friendly offers on their site here. I always assumed that Tarte transcended the realm of a student budget, but it is actually proving to be pretty well priced and I cannot WAIT for the products to arrive so I can actually give you all a little review!!

The Products

I got in on the offer really quickly, which meant that some of the best products were still available! Just to reiterate, FOR FIFTY SIX POUNDS (!!!), I purchased the following products:

  • Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in light-medium sand – RRP £33
  • Aqua concealer in fair-light – RRP £24
  • Sex kitten black liquid liner – RRP £19
  • Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara in black – RRP £21
  • Colour splash lipstick in pink lemonade (white beige) – RRP £20
  • Brighter days highlighting moisturizer – RRP £30
  • Big ego makeup bag – RRP £10

This works out at £7 per product, compared with the above retail prices. All in all, this haul would have totaled £157 so this offer has saved me over £100 and the delivery was free too – my pet hate is RIDICULOUS delivery charges! I already have some super good foundations/concealers from cheaper brands so it will be interesting to see how these products compare. Regardless, I cannot wait for their arrival as I have never tried Tarte make-up before but have heard only good things.

Finding your match

Whilst I haven’t paid an excessive amount of money for my haul, I still think it is important to get the colours right because I get sad when I waste a couple of pounds let alone any more!

The fear of not getting your shade right when ordering online is real, but there is a great website called Findation which takes down the shade of your current foundation/concealers/powders and generates a match to other popular brands and you can add a multitude of brands to your search to enhance its accuracy. I am yet to find a brand it doesn’t include when searching for my match, so definitely check it out!

As I love a bit of fake tan, my foundation colour is a medium/sandy/golden kind of shade generally, and I bought the concealer for contouring purposes hence the lighter shade.

The products haven’t arrived yet, but I have had a shipping notification (eeeek) so as SOON as they arrive I will be creating a make-up looking using all of the above products as I have basically created a whole new make-up bag! Fingers crossed they live up to expectations, and I promise to be completely honest in my review of the products to determine whether it is worth purchasing them at full price in the future – I definitely think I will be using this as my going out make-up bag if it meets expectations. If not, then stay tuned for cheaper brands that can be used as an alternative!

Have a great weekend everyone and keep an eye out for my next posts! Also a big thank you to those who have sent me some lovely feedback on Instagram – I have loved hearing your thoughts so keep it coming! xxx

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