The Skin Saver – My skincare essentials for under £16!

So I don’t know about anyone else, but this week is DRAGGING – weekend where are you?! Although I think I might have something to cheer you up – other than the cup of tea and slice of cake I am currently enjoying to relieve the weekday stress- in the form of some skincare essentials at a bargain price! I have my work awards this weekend, so I am being ESPECIALLY cautious atm because I do not want my skin to play up, although I have probably just jinxed myself *touches wood*. That being said, I usually am pretty meticulous with my routine and follow the same cleanse tone moisturise routine every morning/night.

Finding the right brand for you is very important and that can be tricky when you’re on a budget, but I have bagged some real bargains that I NEED to show you all! Again, I used to use bigger and more expensive brands prior to locating these products and I can safely say that there is no comparison; the cheaper brands are the better ones.

Step 1 – Make-up wipes

Before I commence the whole cleanse/tone/moisturise routine, I take my makeup off (not really a compelling revelation for you all but I thought I should start basic) or just wipe over my face if it is the morning. I discovered my favourite ever make-up wipes a few weeks ago when recommended by a make-up artist done and thought I would purchase them myself! They are the Primark ‘cool as a cucumber’ wipes for all skin types and they smell A M A Z I N G. Priced at £1 for a twin-pack you really can’t go wrong, and they are the perfect wipes to kick start your skincare routine! Unfortunately I cannot post a link to purchase them as Primark does not have an online store, although I pray they eventually do!!

Current total: £1

Step 2 – Cleanse

Now on to the next part of my routine…cleansing. I stumbled across this product when purchasing my toner as it was on offer so I thought, why not?

It is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser. I run the cloth under a hot tap and apply a thin layer of cleanser to my face. Then, I gently rub the product off using the cloth which leaves my skin feeling nice and fresh! Since applying this product, combined with others, I have noticed my skin is waaaay softer and my spots seem to be under control with less severe breakouts which is definitely an added bonus. You can purchase this product here and it is currently on offer for £2.98 so get buying whilst it is at this price!!!

Totally off topic but I am starting to notice a green theme with these products but it’s actually quite cute!

Current total: £3.98

Step 3 – Tone

After cleansing, I tone. Again I use another Superdrug product from the Naturally Radiant collection. This is the first product I ever tried from this range having heard that it was a dupe of the PIXI glow tonic which is rumoured to be insane. It is, however, pretty pricey at £18 which is why I think the below product is an absolute steal.

The Naturally Radiant Glycolic Tonic 5%, like the cleanser, is currently on offer for £2.98 and is a fraction of the price of the PIXI product. I still have some half full toners from more expensive brands that I have substituted for this product as it genuinely is more effective for me and will remain a repeat purchase. It would be a little excessive to say my skin is glowing (I wish), but I am seeing major improvements and hope that this is something that continues.

Current total: £6.96

Step 4 – Moisturise

And now, we moisturise. I have been using this moisturiser for well over a year now and I love it. It is from The Ordinary skincare range and I am yet to find fault with any products of theirs that I have tried – I will be posting more content featuring them soon so keep an eye out!

This is the most expensive product in this segment, but is still extremely well priced at £6.75 for the larger 100ml bottle. ”Natural Moisturizing Factors’ can be purchased on Beauty Bay here and is available in quite a few department stores. I usually use Beauty Bay for this product as delivery is quick, you can gain exclusive perks with each purchase, and they have the option of Klarna’s 30 day payment/3 installment payment plan which can help a little when I am broke!

As my fellow sufferers will know, most acne products REALLY dry out the skin, which is great for reducing breakouts, but can leave my skin feeling rough and flaky. This moisturiser definitely negates the effect of some of the stronger spot creams and drying lotions I use and I am yet to find another product that defeats this one on quality and price.

Excuse the dirty bottle – this lives in my make-up bag which is also in desperate need of a clean!

Current total: £ 13.71

Step 5 – SUDOCREM!!

Ok so now I am really taking this back to the old school. I am pretty sure all of you will know of sudocrem and will remember the phase of applying to to your face to treat spots. Well, I actually still swear by this!

I have a prescribed spot cream that can be very intense for my skin so I give myself a couple of breaks from it each month. During these breaks, if my skin is still playing up, I apply a thin layer of Sudocrem to the affected areas and it really does reduce redness! If you’re like me and get very inflamed breakouts then this is an essential for you to include in your skincare routine as an alternative to stronger spot creams. You can buy this product pretty much ANYWHERE for a couple of pounds or under, but I have added a link here for you just in case!

Aaaand that takes us to a grant total of… £ 15.79!!!

For this price you are getting five products – six if you count the packs of make-up wipes individually. They have worked consistently well for me and don’t break my bank when I need to replenish my supplies, especially as everything always seems to run out AT THE SAME TIME making the process of replacing products sooo stressful!

My skin at the moment has really been improving, but it is by no means perfect, and I thought I would include some more pictures below since I got so many nice comments in my last skincare post!

I honestly hope that this post has been helpful for anyone looking to tackle their bad skin on a budget, or even if you are just looking for some new good products to buy! Almost all of my usual posts that I make publicly visible show me with ‘perfect’ skin when that really is not the case, and I am actually finding it really refreshing to be adopting an au naturale approach every now and then for this blog (although my extra make-up looks will never stop).

Here is the finished look after I have completed my skin care regime, and it is maaaajorly juxtaposed to the stuff I usually post, but I am finally comfortable in my own skin and want others to feel the same!

Have a great rest of the week and please keep the dm’s/messages coming with feedback and input xxx

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