Extra-ordinary – My favourite primer and foundation for under £10!

Hey guys! This miserable weather and Monday mood really are not making me feel great right now, but these little bargains are sure to brighten up my day – and hopefully yours too.

I’ve mentioned The Ordinary in this blog before when writing about my skincare routine, but their products have permeated my make-up routine too! It is such a fab brand and I LOVE that they are cruelty-free. I have mentioned before that I am trying to ensure I deviate away from brands that test on animals and this is one that I stumbled across around a year ago, but I didn’t try out their make-up until fairly recently. The best part about it is that I am able to purchase BOTH my primer and foundation for under £10, compared with the £ 45 I used to spend this time last year – great right?

Product 1: The primer

The first product I am going to be talking to you all about is primer. The Ordinary’s high-adherence silicone primer is the cheapest primer I have ever used but also the best. It is priced at £3.90 on Beauty Bay (which I am sure you have realised by now is my go-to website for products) and is available to purchase here. My skin can be pretty oily and I find this tends to suppress the issue and stop the shine; any shine that is not induced by a popping highlighter is not a shine I personally enjoy!!

As you can see, it is sized at 30ml so I am reaaaally hoping they release some larger sizes soon!

You only need a small amount (about the size of a 1p coin) to distribute evenly across your skin. As such, whilst the product may be small, it lasts for a fairly long time, allowing you to get your money’s worth! I usually apply after moisturiser and then spray my face with Mario Badescu’s Aloe and Rosewater facial spray to leave my skin extra fresh before foundation application. Plus, don’t just take my word for it… read the reviews!!!

Current total: £3.90

Product 2 – The Foundation

Now let’s talk about foundation! For YEARS I have used the expensive brands that average at around £25- £30 per foundation. However, having been at uni for a year and growing tired of my foundation bankrupting me every time it ran out, I decided it was time for a something different. I was tentative about making the change, but it was sooo worth it.

This is in shade 1.2YG for anyone wondering – I looove my foundation to have golden undertones to accommodate my fake tan!

The Ordinary’s foundation comes in two forms: Serum and Coverage. I use the coverage foundation because my breakouts require a fuller coverage for my skin. I located my colour match using Findation and it was PERFECT. Just enter in the shades of other brands you use and it will match you up straight away!

This product costs £5.90 and can be purchased here. I have had my current bottle since the end of July and it is only just starting to run out which I think is pretty good going considering the bottle size is fairly small. This also says a lot about how much is required for application – very little as it has quite a runny consistency.

I use a flat foundation brush to apply the product and only use a small amount which I find covers the whole of my face. Combined with the primer I get a nice dewy finish, but depending on the powder you set the make-up with, you can also achieve a matte look (I find Morphe’s banana setting powder does this for me).

At the moment, I am working super long days around uni, work and volunteering so I am MAJORLY busy with some crazy hours. This foundation seems to stay on throughout the whole day which is great, and it doesn’t require too much of a top-up; I would keep a powder in your bag to blot as it can sometimes go a little shiny but I also think this may be down to my oily skin…

Grand total: £9.80

Below are some pictures of the finished look – not bad using a cheaper primer and foundation! Hopefully I have managed to help you all find a happy alternative to some more expensive products that might be breaking your bank! I will be posting blogs soon with all the other products I use to finish off my make-up look so keep reading.

Have a great week everyone xxx

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