Tarte Haul – product reviews!

Good morning! I know I mention Christmas a lot on this blog, but I am even more festive now than I have been in my previous few posts! I spent all weekend making Christmas cake/watching Christmas films and tomorrow I am off to the cinema to see ‘Last Christmas’. It has Emma Thompson in which means I am likely to cry if anything in the film even slightly reminds me of the part in Love Actually when Alan Rickman doesn’t buy her the necklace… sad times.

Fully just welled up:(

Right well that was completely off topic, so now let’s get on to the actual subject of this blog – my recent Tarte cosmentics haul! To recap, they were doing 7 products for £56 and I purchased:

  • Brighter days highlighting moisturiser
  • Sex kitten liquid liner
  • Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara
  • Amazonian clay full coverage foundation in shade light-medium sand
  • Aquacealer concealer in shade fair-light
  • Colour splash lipstick in shade pink lemonade (white beige)
  • Big ego makeup bag

I was so excited to try these products, and as I mentioned before, Tarte is a cruelty free brand which is a big bonus. HOWEVER, now for a little moan. If you are ordering online, be prepared to wait a little while for your products. Mine took over a week to arrive which I know is not excessive, but it is a little longer than I am used to. Moreover, we need to cross the ‘Big ego makeup bag’ off the list, because that didn’t actually arrive with my order which was a shame. Unfortunately Tarte could not send me a replacement but they did send me an £8 refund which I was happy with, so technically this review involves 6 products for £48. Now on to the prodcuts…

Product 1 – Brighter days highlighting moisturiser

This first product did not disappoint. I used this as a base with my primer (The Ordinary silicone primer) and my face was GLOWING before I had even applied my foundation. Very little product was required to cover my whole face which means this should last me a while. As it is quite shiny, I think I will keep it as more of a night-out moisturiser for when I want to be extra/amplify the glow. All in all, this has the potential to be a repeat purchase – yay!

Convert or Revert: Convert

Product 2 – Sex kitten liquid liner

First of all, can we just appreciate how cute this packaging is? ADORABLE. This was another product I was pleased with. I usually use the Soap and Glory Supercat liner which is £6.50, and the Sex kitten liner would usually be priced at £19 outside of the deal.

This product was SUPER black which I loved, and stayed on all night – including in the waterline. However, the pen is quite thin in comparison to the Soap and Glory eyeliner, so I found it a little trickier to manouvre. I prefer a slightly chunkier pen to draw on my liner, and this one was quite flimsy. As such, whilst I was still impressed with this product, when it runs out I will be reverting to the Supercat liner for a fraction of the price.

That being said, it still had the desired effect and I loved the look I created with it!

Fun tip: use concealer around your wing to make it extra sharp, ESPECIALLY if you are like me and struggle with getting each side even.

Covert or Revert: Revert (but a reluctant one).

Product 3 – Lights, camera, lashes mascara

As I used the products before a night out, I wore eyelashes instead of mascara, so tried this product a few days early. The packaging again is amazing, and I did like the product; the brush meant that the application wasnt clumpy and the product was distributed evently. That being said, I don’t really think it is worth £21 if I am perfectly honest.

For YEARS – even since the dream matte mouse stages – I have sworn by L’oreal Telescopic mascara in carbon black, which is almost half the price at £10.99 and I can’t say I have been persuaded to deviate away from this just yet. However, this is a good back-up to have stored in my make-up bag.

Convert or Revert: Revert

Product 4 – Amazonian clay full coverage foundation

Wow wow WOW. This foundation is EVERYTHING. As stated in the name, this is a veeeery thick foundation which is perfect for nights out! I was having a bad skin day when I used this and the coverage was amazing. Whilst it is super thick, surprisingly little product was needed to cover my whole face, and I applied using a flat foundation brush from Morphe.

It stayed on so well and didn’t go patchy/need topping up whilst on my night out. As it is quite heavy, I will probably restrict this to my ‘out-out’ make-up bag, and continue using The Ordinary full coverage foundation during the day which is MUCH cheaper and a little lighter.

This is another Tarte product which I think will be a repeat buy. At £33, this is one of the few products that I genuinely believe is worth the hefty price tag.

Convert or Revert: Convert

Product 5 – Aquacealer concealer

I think this – disappointingly – was my least favourite product from this haul. I was expecting better things from this £24 concealer, but I actually had to revert to my Elf Cosmetics £5 concealer to finish the look off. It was reeeally runny and just didn’t provide the full coverage I like for contouring. I think this does work realtively well as a general concealer, but if you’re looking to use this under the eyes/for contouring, I wouldn’t recommend.

Convert or Revert: Revert

Product 6 – Colour Splash lipstick

DEFINITELY saving the best ’til last! I am absolutely in love with this lipstick – the colour is GIVING ME LIFE. The shade is ‘pink lemonade’ and steals the crown for the perfect nude lipstick.

For years I have used a mixture of Mac ‘peach stock’ and ‘myth’ but this single lipstick is the exact colour I have always wanted! The Tarte lipstick is usually more expensive at £20, but I am happy to pay the extra few pounds as unlike Mac, Tarte is cruelty free.

It didn’t dry my lips out unlike a lot of nude shades and lasted really well. If you want a matte lip then this isn’t the right product for you as it has a little shine, but that is perfect for me as I usually go for a glossy lip. I combined this colour with Maybelline Color Sensational lip liner in shade ‘almond rose’ and Elf Cosmetics lip plumping gloss in ‘mocha twist’ and it will definitely remain my go to lip colour.

Convert or Revert: MAJOR CONVERT

Overall, I was pretty happy with this haul. Whilst I haven’t been entirely convinced by all of the Tarte products I tried, I have fallen in love with some of them! My completed make-up look is below:

I wasn’t that impressed that my outfit matched my HIDEOUS uni curtains…

I loved my make-up on Saturday, and the Tarte products definitely played a big part in it. I wouldn’t say I am completely converted though, as I still used cheaper high street brands to complete the look (which I will be posting about shortly). There are a couple of products I will continue to use and others I will probably discontinue from my make-up bag, but I had A LOT of fun reviewing them all and cannot wait to do more!

Overall Convert or Revert: Partial Convert (3/6).

Have a fabulous week everyone – I’ll be back soon! xxx

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