I’m dreaming of a white smile – my favourite teeth whitening product for under £5!

In accordance with my running theme of CHRISTMAS EXCITEMENT, I wish you all a very happy December!! And just as we want to avoid yellow snow this Christmas, we also want to avoid yellow teeth. Teeth whitening can be craaaazy expensive, with dentally approved kits costing upwards of £150. With Christmas shopping to do and all kinds of Christmas meals/festivities, HOW are we supposed to keep our teeth pearly white?

A range of teeth whitening kits can be purchased online for a reduced price of around £50-£80 BUT a lot of these kits contain peroxide which can damage the enamel of your teeth (see here for some pro’s and con’s of peroxide whitening kits) so please use with caution and don’t overdo it.

The Price and Product

However, the product that I use does not contain peroxide but still promises great effects (4 shades lighter in one week), which I feel are achieved.

The pretty pink packaging also helps…

Superdrug’s Brilliant 5 minute Tooth Whitening Kit (available here) is currently on offer, down from £4.99 to £3.32 and it is f a b u l o u s. My teeth do not have any major stains, so I am not too sure how well the product would work on harsher stains, but the reviews imply it doesn’t remove really tough discolouration on teeth (consider this when buying). Despite this, it works great with enhancing the shade!

I have sworn by this product for 2 years now, and the compliments I get on my teeth speak for themself! Remember to apply your student discount too for more money off and you’re in for a REAL bargain. Also note that this product is always on offer, so keep your eyes peeled – one time I managed to bag it for £2.50!

The Process

Not only is this a bargain, it is reaaaally easy to use. You just apply the accelerator to your teeth and immediately place the tray filled with the gel into your mouth. Wait for 5 mins, rinse and perform the usual tooth brushing process!

This can be repeated twice daily for around 1/2 weeks. Do not exceed the recommended usage and ensure you have read the safety guidelines before using! I usually use every 2/3 months to give myself a refreshed smile and have never felt a desire to approach a dentist for professional whitening services.

Teeth whitening prices are soooo excessive and it can be really hard to keep up with the PERFECT smiles we constantly see on our instagram feeds – especially if you’re on a strict budget! I’ve just started using this again in time for something I don’t really mention a lot… CHRISTMAAAAAS! I was really pleased with how my teeth looked at a recent work event and had looooads of compliments.

Noticed how I went for a red dress to channel my inner Mrs Claus??

So, if you’re looking to achieve that brighter than bright smile this December, this is the kit for you!

Let me know if you try the product/have any questions! Have an amazing week xxx

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