Get ready with me – my going out make-up tutorial!

Hey guys ! For those of you who read my blog frequently, you will notice I have recently have a bit of a rebrand which I am SOOO excited about! Basically I felt my old look was a little dated and boring, so spent ages trying to perfect a new look which I hope you all love.

In other news, I went to see Giggs on Friday with my bestie and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show you all my ‘out-out’ make-up look. I feel like I don’t post enough actual glam make-up looks on here and want to try and start doing more of that for you guys, so here goes! The products I use here do include some more expensive brands which I keep purely for nights out. HOWEVER, the techniques can be replicated with cheaper products which I know from experience, and in the future I will be posting tutorials with cheaper brands. I also won’t be going into as much depth about the background information of all the products I use, purely because this post features so many and I really do not want to bore you all:) x

Step 1 – Prime

My best advice to anyone is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS prime your face before makeup. It helps keep your make-up on and also seals your pores which, if left exposed, can get clogged up with make-up which will cause breakouts. The products I use to prime are:

I start with the moisturiser and silicone primer, which I mix and dab onto my face. I then use a fluffy foundation brush to buff into my skin and wait for it to settle. After this, I take the ELF primer and apply a small amount to areas that have large pores – in my case this would be the cheeks and nose and again wait for it to settle. I love this primer as it is LITERALLY a putty consistency so, although quite heavy, it seals the pores really well. Then to add that extra glow I spray my face with the Glow Revolution, which I have decanted into another bottle as I managed to break the original one (sorry for ruining the aesthetic)!! I have tried many different prime routines over time, but this one seems to ensure my make-up sits well all night and it makes my skin glow before I have applied any other products!

Step 2 – The Brows

The products used to perfect my brows are:

I begin with the Dipbrow Pomade, and form a sharp outline using an angled brush. I do this as I feel the Anastasia product holds really well, and it is a little darker than my day-time colour which is what I want when going out. I then use the Nyx powder/gel combination to fill in the rest of my eyebrow with sweeping brush strokes and apply the Natural Collection gel. WARNING: The Gel is good but takes a while to dry, so leave it for a couple of minutes to ensure you don’t smudge it all over your face – I speak from experience! After this, I take a flat brush to create another sharp line, but this time under the brow using the ELF concealer. Then just blend down onto your lid and that’s your brows done!

Step 3 – The Eyeshadow

This process is a little more complex than the previous, which I am sure you have gathered from the excessive pictures!! The products in this section are:

I definitely do not claim to be a trained MUA so PLEASE do correct me if you think I could be doing it a different way, but this is just what works for me. In this section I am going to break it up a little more for you guys as I know eyeshadow can be a little harder to grasp!

To begin, I apply a really small amount of primer to my lid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Don’t overdo it on the primer here as it can go really clumpy which is not the look we want! A small amount will suffice on each lid. After this, I use a really matte light shade just to seal the product.

After this, I apply sellotape to the sides of each of my eyes to ensure the line is really defined. As I was going for a purple/pink look, I began by dusting a light pinky brown transition shade across my lid – I am not too careful at this point as it never seems to matter so be as care free as you want!!

I then select a darker shade which I buff into the corner of my lids and fan out into the crease slightly, keeping it a little lower this time.

Now I take an even darker colour in the palette, shown above, and blend this into the very corner of my lid, pushing it further out into the middle also. At this point too, I tend to get my light matte shade I used after primer and press it into the middle to create a bit of a fade. I also take a dark brown shade and blend it across the sellotape line to create a nice sharp wing upon removal. After this, I kind of freestyle depending on whether I am happy with how it is looking; I might take my transition shade up a little higher or go darker depending on what I am feeling at the time!

Now I get to apply my glitter!!! Here I am using the Makeup Revolution Flawless Foil in rebound and I love this product. I just dampen my flat eyeshadow brush, press it into the foil and dab onto the lid. I then use soft brush strokes so to blend it out towards the darker shades to stop the colours looking too separated. I LOVE these foils, although they can sometimes go on a little patchy so beware of that.

Step 4 – Lashes and Liner

Ok so as you can see, I forgot to take a picture of my eyes before foundation – very sorry about that! But the process here is very simple. The products used are:

I don’t often use big brand lashes as I love my Ebay ones (see here for the info on them) but I got my make-up done a few weeks ago and was given these lashes to keep and really did love them so thought I’d get my use out of them! They are super easy to apply; just use some lash glue on them and wait for it to go tacky then with either tweezers or your hands place onto the lids and hold for a few seconds to ensure they stay in place. I wasn’t doing any winged liner this night, I just went over the middle of my lid slightly to ensure the lash glue was concealed and then applied to my waterline also for that bold look I loved! I also went under my eyes again with the darker shades of my Morphe palette as I like to be really extra when I am going out!

Step 5 – The Face

Now my look is finally coming together! In this section I demonstrate the techniques I also use on a daily basis, but on a more natural scare. Here’s a list of the products:

Some pretty expensive products in this section, although I have blogged about cheaper alternatives which are just as good. I mainly use these brands for nights out as I bought them a while ago and will revert to the cheaper brands I use during the day when they run out.

I mix the two foundations to get my perfect shade and consistency, as Smashbox is slightly too runny and orange, whilst Tarte Amazonian Clay is a little too thick and beige. I apply using a flat foundation brush and then blend down onto my neck to ensure I don’t have an unattractive line.

Now for the contouring! I use the concealer under my eyes, on my forehead, the tip of my nose and the sides of my face. I then blend using a damp beauty blender which I purchased from Primark in a pack for a couple of pounds – they are great! To set, I use another beauty blender. I press it into the Morphe powder and apply a generous amount to the places I have just blended. As you can see from the pics, I am very generous with how much I put on, but this is important for the ‘baking’ process.

Whilst I let that set, I bronze. Using a small contour brush, I apply bronzer to my cheek bones, around the top of my forehead, down the sides of my nose and across the jawline. After this, I use a flat brush to dust off the excess Morphe powder, leaving my face looking nice and contoured – woooo!

Step 6 – Highlight and Set

We are veeery close to the end now, and I am starting to realise what a laborious process getting ready is now haha!

The products are:

This is a nice simple part. I just use a fluffy brush to apply a generous amount (especially when I’m going out) to the cheekbones, tip of the nose and just above the lip. I also dust a little over the middle of my forehead to.

As you can see, I employ a miscellany of sprays to set. I only use small amounts of each or else I would LITERALLY be soaking my face, and I wait a few minutes between application. I start with the Mario Badescu spray; I can’t really give a reason why I use this, but I just love it as it smells great and is so refreshing! The Urban Decay spray comes next and I LOVE this product. This is something I struggle to replicate with cheaper brands and have been purchasing for years. To finish, I spray a little of the Makeup Revolution glow spray and allow it to settle – I only use this when I want a dewy look and not a matte finish.

Step 7 – The Final Touches

Are you still with me readers? Haha, this must be my longest post to date but we are nearly done – hooray! For the final touches I use:

I just apply the Telescopic mascara gently to my upper and lower lashes to make them pop – I swear by this mascara and feel it will remain eternally unmatched. I then use my favourite lip liner for nude/pink colours around my lips and apply my new nude lipstick preference from Tarte! I usually use an ELF cosmetics gloss but I have lost that (cry!) so I used the L’Oreal Lumier Strobing Gloss. It does the job but it certainly doesn’t last as well as the ELF gloss, so I will have to purchase a new one.

And AT LAST we have the finished look! Thank you for all of you who stayed with me during this post, and I hope my first full make-up look was a success with you guys. I hope to do some more soon deffo! I also apologise for my weird headband and have also noticed I ALWAYS have those starry PJ’s on in all my pictures; I would like to make it known that I do own other pairs, but these are the coziest ever!

Enjoy your week! Next up will be a skincare post and I cannot wait xxx

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