A Christmas Pamper – my December treats from me to me!

Hey all. I am suuuper sorry for my absence this week, but with it being the last week of final before Christmas, it has been a little manic here. However the Autumn term is now over and I am in relaxation mode which means one thing…PAMPER TIME!

This post will feature two products which I bought this month to help myself have a little down-time in the midst of uni and work stress. A bonus is that they are both really well priced and deffo worth it if you’re looking to treat yourself on a budget. I think one of the biggest lessons I have learnt this year is to be kinder to myself and to not feel like a failure if I take step back from things. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure to maintain the perfect balance of work, study, gym and a social life which is often unrealistic and I can be really hard on myself if I don’t manage to strike that balance continuously. HOWEVER, I am extremely lucky to have a supportive boyfriend alongside family and friends too, who remind me to ease off a little and find time to relax, even if that is just with a face-mask… So here, have a picture of me today chilling with zero make-up, a cup of tea, with the Kardashians on repeat. Always look after number 1 as you are definitely worth it!

Not the prettiest sight I must admit, but I feel so much happier for taking a breather.

Product 1 – The Face Mask

Pink clay masks are really popular at the moment and have hit stores and websites in excess. The higher prices are at the £40-50 mark which, for me, is a little too much to pay for a face mask. Still eager to try it, I set out to locate a cheaper alternative when I stumbled across the Revolution Skincare Pink Clay Detoxifying Facemask – available here!

Priced at £7.95, I felt a lot less guilty treating myself to this. In addition, it is both cruelty-free and vegan (hooray!). Incorporating sea weed extract and witch hazel, this product was already ticking a lot of boxes for me as these are ingredients I tend to look for in products (alongside rosewater which I would deffo recommend checking out also).

Right, before I talk about the product again, I just think I need to make a point of saying that I do own more pairs of pyjamas!!! It really is a happy coincidence that they seem to be appearing in all my posts and I think I will be making a conscious effort to wear other ones in the future or maybe even consider wearing…clothes..?

As you can see from the first picture, my skin is pretty inflamed. This is for a number of reasons which include stress and my dear friend mother nature, so I was hoping this would help reduce the effects.

I applied a thin layer to my skin after the usual cleanse/tone routine. You can use either a brush, or your hands to apply and I opted for the latter as I had no brush to hand. Once the application was done, I left it on my skin for around 15 minutes. The second picture really makes me laugh because I was trying hard to smile but it dries SO TIGHT on your skin. Once the time was up, I used a warm flannel to take it off and I really was amazed! The redness had dissipated – which I think is visible in the last picture – and my skin was left feeling really really soft.

As per the advice, I have been using this product twice a week for a few weeks now and this is something I think I will continue to do based on the long-lasting results as well as the instant. I have mentioned before that I have enlarged pores and this also has helped me tackle that issue.

Honestly, I wouldn’t say that the product is life-changing, but for the price it definitely does the job. It’s made my skin feel great and it also helped me on my quest for relaxation.

Product 2 – The Soap

Ok, so I know you might be thinking soap??? Really??? For your pamper treat??? But bear with me on this! While visiting the Bath Christmas Markets I stumbled across the cutest little stall selling hand made soaps made from bees wax.

Cute right?!

As if I hadn’t made them do enough shopping, I dragged my boyfriend and mum across to the stall to take a look at their products. If I hadn’t maxed out my funds that weekend, I definitely would have purchased more, but I ultimately decided to opt for their Rose Geranium Soap bar for £5.50. That being said, I still do have my eye on the Honey and Oatmeal exfoliating soap too!

The stall owner was really helpful and patient with me while I tested the products and scents and answered all my questions! First of all, all of the products smell amazing so check them out here: https://www.hiveoriginals.co.uk/

I know this may seem pretty pricey for a soap, but I just want to stress how great this product is. Most importantly, it is not packaged with plastic like most cheaper alternatives meaning that you are doing your bit for the environment when purchasing while also helping a smaller business.

All products are hand-made with raw honey, ranging from from skincare/haircare/candles. I definitely will be trialing the other products in the near future, but the soap is my focus today. The fab thing about buying soap blocks is that they do actually last longer than bottled goods. All I had to do was lather the product up on my body scrubber by rubbing a slight amount on there and I was good to go.

I’m not one to brag, but once I stepped out of the shower, I smelt GOOD meaning that I also felt GOOD!

I was left feeling really soft and fresh, which is exactly what I needed for my lovely pamper evening. I haven’t owned the soap for too long, but I can guarantee I will continue to use products like this in the future.

And that’s the end of my blog today! If you’re having a tough time, or even if you just need some chill time, I would definitely recommend these products to assist with that. Life can be tough no matter who you are, so please please please always take care of yourself . This is a message I am still trying to adopt myself, and I definitely think blogging about it has helped with that so a big thank you to all readers also xxx

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