The Asos Beauty Advent Calendar – My Top 5 Products

Hey all, and Happy New Year! I can’t quite believe that we are now in 2020, or how quickly the past year seems to have passed – eeek! While I am still not quite over my sadness that Christmas is now over, I am happy to be reigniting the Christmas spirit with a review of an advent calendar.

All the way back in November I blogged about my purchasing of the Asos Beauty Advent Calendar (click here to see the original post). Overall, I loved it. Having a miniature present to open each day was so much fun, and I have selected my top 5 products for this post. I definitely will be buying again next year as I do feel it was worth the money, but I would like to point out that a couple of products did come a little emptier than I’d have liked for the price I paid. That being said, this literally happened on two items so it didn’t ruin my experience too much but I hope ASOS don’t repeat this next year. Now for the top 5…

1 – Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner Duo

Over the years, I have been less than kind to my hair. My hair is naturally dark, but I have unashamedly bleached it to blonde, which I LOVE, but this has had its downfall – damaged hair. Continuous application of these two products over the past few weeks has left my hair super shiny and soft, lessening the effects of bleach. As these are 60 ml products, I will be investing in the full size products (335 ml) available here at £6.99 each.

2 – WetBrush Mini Detangler

It was so so so hard to make this look pretty for a photo given how much I have used it – sorry!

So I know a hairbrush may not seem revolutionary, but this one has been for my hair! As mentioned before, I have pretty damaged hair, so have used a Tangle Teezer up until now. I found, however, that this brush is much more gentle with my hair, de-tangling it with minimal hair loss. For £5.55 you NEED to invest – click here to buy it!

3 – The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I’ve spoken in the past about my struggles with bad skin, and this product is one that I have added to my skincare regime and will continue to use for the foreseeable future. I have used it every day since opening it a few weeks ago, day and night, and it has done exactly what it says on the bottle. My skin feels smooth, hydrated, and my complexion has evened out a little more. RRP is £5.90 and it can be purchased using this link!

4 – Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

WOW WOW WOW I LOVE this product so much! I was so so happy when I opened my advent calendar and this was inside as I had been reading up on it and had heard amazing feedback. A little insecurity of mine are the fine lines in my forehead; I have a really expressive face and always feel like I am starting to get wrinkles because of this. The results I have noticed since using this cream have been fabulous – the fine lines I had been worrying about before have practically vanished. The tub which I received in my calendar is 30ml, and I have only been using it once or twice a week across the problem areas. This is because the 50ml product is a monumental £87.00 (!!!!!!!) which transcends my student budget massively. However, only a tiny amount of the product is needed to make an impact, and I have barely made a dent thus far, so I am thinking maybe it will hold out until my birthday where I can BEG for it as a present! Check it out here. Considering the advent calendar itself was £57, you can see why it is worth buying given some of the brands included.

5 – Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

Last but not least, we have my favourite product from the advent calendar. The Laura Mercier setting powder is nothing short of INCREDIBLE; my make-up looks flawless and it gives such a smooth finish. The full size product is £30 which is pretty pricey, but the fact I have already ordered it because I love my miniature so much says it all really. I’ve tried to find cheaper setting powders but Laura Mercier remains the reigning champion – if you have the money to spare, invest in this product!

And that’s my first 2020 post finished – I hope you had fun reading it. Wishing you all an incredible year, filled with happiness and adventure.

Speak soon xxx

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