Being a Blonde – My Haircare Routine

Happy Hump Day everyone! I had a pretty good weekend, and actually went and got my hair done by my amazingly talented friend Katie! When I was younger, I used a whole myriad of cheap dies on my hair and KILLED it. I used the darkest dark box dye, would backcomb the sh*t out of it and hairspray it until it was literally ROCK HARD.

Let’s not even get me STARTED on the outfit I am wearing here.

I mean, at one point, I even decided to dye my hair red as I felt I would look like Cheryl…This was not successful.

Then, in a mad twist of fate, I so judiciously decided to go blonde. What a great idea! Let’s bleach my already severely damaged hair. As a 15/16 year old, I basically refused to take no for an answer, and went to every hair dresser until someone agreed to begin the process. In the end, it was a gradual transition which didn’t cause major damage to my hair (kinda), however I had such warm tones it kept on looking ginger. I loveeee a redhead, but this was just not the look I was going for and I couldn’t seem to rectify it until I went to Katie last year. She has worked wonders on my hair since and it is the healthiest it has EVER been!!!! She uses the balayage technique on me, which she actually specialises in. Because this is a natural blend into my roots, I don’t have to bleach it as much as I used to when I had highlights; I go to her every three to four months and will show you a little before and after below!

To see more of Katie’s work, give her a follow on Instagram: hairbykatie_x

Because of the previous trauma I have caused my hair, it takes a fairly stringent routine to keep it feeling fresh and to negate the damage. Here are my top tips for blonde hair!

Step 1 – Purple Shampoo

The first product is the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning purple shampoo, available here for £4.50. This is something which Katie advised I use on my hair as it removes the brassier tones in blonde hair and rejuvenates the colour in between hair appointments. This is a MUST HAVE if you are a blondie! I just use this once a week and leave it on for literally 3/4 minutes. Be very careful with this product as, because it is so strong, if you leave it on for too long it may turn your hair purple!

Step 2 – Shampoo and Conditioner

Another recommendation by Katie was the Bed Head products. As they are a little pricey, I purchased mine from TK Maxx and always keep an eye out in B&M/other discount stores as you can usually grab it there for much cheaper than online prices. I managed to get the shampoo and conditioner set for £16.99 and the bottles are HUGE! As such, they were a real bargain! I tend to leave the conditioner treatment on for around 5 mins and when I rinse my hair it is left feeling really soft; in the past, it has felt coarse, damaged and difficult to brush.

Step 3 – Argan Oil

While the hair is still damp, I apply Pantene Smooth and Sleek Dry Argan Oil for £6.99 and leave it in. Argan oil is renowned for keeping your hair soft, silky and providing hydration. As my hair is so damaged, this is essential for me! It has restored my hair’s natural shine and is a product I will ALWAYS recommend.

Step 4 – Heat Protect

Before I use any kind of heat on my hair, I ALWAYS apply heat protection spray, even before drying my hair. While I place my hairdryer on a relatively cool setting anyway, I still think it is important to keep it protected. The product I use is Schwarzkopf Pro Styling Heat Protection spray which I buy for a couple of pounds from Savers. I’ve taken a little look online and you can buy it for £1.99 from Fragrance Direct here. Protecting your hair is soooo important, and I never really used to bother which spray which, in turn, frazzled my hair!

Step 5 – Continued Maintenance

This might sound odd, but I actually only wash my hair 2/3 times a week! This is just something which works for me, whereas some people have to wash it every day. I have heard, however, that washing it too much can strip it of natural oils so be careful! While I don’t wash it every day, I still use a daily spray in it to continue the damage defence. For this, I use Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence Extreme Leave In Conditioner, a product I received in my ASOS beauty advent calendar. I absolutely love this product, as it keeps my hair feeling soft and healthy in between washes. That being said, RRP is £18, so I will be searching for a cheaper dupe product when this one runs out. If you do want to give it a try though, click the link here!

I think we can all agree, being a blonde is HARD WORK. I definitely should have listened to my Mum when I was younger to refrain from messing with my hair! Also, always make sure you go to a good hair dresser. While I love being a blondie, I have fallen victim to SO many hair mishaps; now I have found an amazing hair dresser, I will never digress elsewhere! If you have caused your hair some damage over the years with unrelenting dye/bleach, definitely check out these products. I am also soooo sorry that this blog excluded brunette’s/redheads but the brands I have also included brands that cater to your amazing hair colours too!

We are almost at the weekend, so keep pushing through and stay tuned for my upcoming posts xxx

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