Holiday Time – My Top Tips for Post-Holiday Prep!

Hello all! Another Wednesday mid-week post which I hope will see you through the rest of your week, whatever it is you may be up to. Just to rub salt in the wounds… I AM OFF ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW!

It’s my best friend’s 21st birthday on the 27th and, like me, she is having more of a birthday MONTH as opposed to a day. Part of this is our holiday to Amsterdam for a long weekend to celebrate. As a student, booking a holiday has made me pretttttty broke (although it’s definitely worth it), which means that my holiday prep had to be super frugal. This post will be all about my post-holiday prep for a fraction of the price.

Step 1 – The Nails

I love having nice nails but, as you all know, to get and then maintain gel and acrylic treatments can be veeeery costly. I bemoan the thought of paying £20/£30 every couple of weeks to get my nails done, and used to just paint my nails normally. However, about 5 minutes after I would do this, they’d be chipped. Tired of this struggle, 6 months ago I invested in a gel lamp and a couple of gel nail varnishes to complete my own gel manicures/pedicures. I literally bought mine off amazon for £10 which you can buy here and the polishes I use (including base and top coat) are from the Halo gel polish range. So, you can get your lamp, top/base coat and a gel colour all for under £30. You can click this link here to buy the shade I am using (Cashmere).

Understandably, the initial payment is fairly expensive. But if you work it out in terms of longevity, you save a TONNE (remember you can do pedicures too). Now I know I’m not the best so please do not judge the outcome, but I am always really happy with the outcome and it means when I have events coming up, like a trip to Amsterdam, I do not have to stress about expensive prep.

Wowwwww my hands are NOT attractive!

Step 2 – The Tan

Not gonna lie guys, sometimes I really am so lazy with maintaining my tan and can go months without it if I don’t have a lot on in those months. Again, I don’t really want to spend the money on a spray tan and I am very much against sunbeds (if you do use them, please be careful and look at the health implications if you can).

Now it’s time to reacquaint myself with fake tan again. My favourite one to use is Cocoa Brown 1hr instant tan in the dark shade. It costs £7.99 and the finished result after application is very even. The colour itself isn’t too orange and after I shower it gives a nice natural glow. I am yet to find a fake tan that doesn’t make me emanate a biscuit/curry smell though and, while this tan does originally smell of watermelon, do not be deceived – you will wake up smelling like a very strange meal.

Step 3 – The Facemask

Now for the SKIN PREPPPPP! Of course I complete my general cleanse/tone/moisturise as per, but you just can’t beat a good facemask. I’ve made a vow to be transparent about my skin journey, so I am also posting another photo of my skin at the moment; it’s actually really clear by my standards and hopefully the mask I tell you about will help remove the excess blemishes!

Again, I am reluctant to spend more money so stopped myself from buying a new mask. Instead, I decided to use the products I have left over in my fridge, with a few extras.

As it’s a new year, I am on a slight health kick. Because of this, my fridge had some left natural yoghurt and avocado, both of which I needed to use up before holiday and both of which are FAB for your skin. I mixed them up with some oats and honey to create a refreshing face mask/scrub. This is something I have been doing for YEARS, emulating the methods my mum used when I was younger. I have mentioned before that I’ve struggled with my skin from a young age, and she used to make me the most soothing face masks with these ingredients and they always seemed to help. I have included the links regarding the benefits of natural yoghurt, avocado, honey and oats on the skin for you guys to have a little look at and work out if it would suit your skin type: they include fighting aged skin, blemishes and acne. If you give it a go, leave on for 15 minutes!

As you will see below, it isn’t perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing, but it produces amazing results and is completely natural!

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate my boyfriend, for whom I look like this 99% of the time!

That was probably the cheapest holiday prep I have EVER done and I actually feel better for it! If you’re like me and want to try and be a saving savvy this year, maybe try some of my tips and message me with your thoughts.

Now I really need to get to bed as I am up at 2am to leave for the airport, even though I doubt I will sleep due to excitement! Have the most amazing week guys whatever you’re doing xxx

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