New Year, New Foundation – My New Favourite Full Coverage Foundation!

Good morning! It would seem that Wednesday’s have become my new official blog post day and I am loving it.

If you read my last post (which you can view here if you missed it) you will know that I was in Amsterdam at the weekend, where me and my best friend has the BEST time celebrating her 21st birthday. She is extremely similar to me, which means that the celebrations are not yet over and we are heading to London this weekend for a fancy brunch! Before that though, I NEEEED to talk to you guys about the foundation that resisted the weather of Amsterdam. It is such a beautiful place, but WOW it is cold and windy! I sometimes find that in this type of weather, my foundation can go patchy really quickly, which is annoying when you have a lot to fit into one day and want to remain photo ready. As an example, on one of the days we did the Xtra Cold Icebar, the A’Dam Lookout Swing, the Skylounge, and a canal boat tour, during all of which we took photos, and during all of which my foundation remained obdurate.

In the past, I have always championed The Ordinary foundation (see here for more information). My only critique of it, is that it can sometimes go a little patchy during the days, requiring a top up. Because of this, before Amsterdam I thought I would have a little hunt for something with an even fuller coverage, with a little more staying power. Something that I really did not want to do, was break the bank. As such, the price stipulation was strictly under £15.

I’ve never really been one to listen to Instagram ads, but I couldn’t stop seeing adverts for the EX1 Invisiwear Foundation, and read reviews which really championed it as a make-up bag must have. So, I thought I would give it a purchase – here are the results!

The Price and Product

As I have mentioned before, if you’re ordering online and you’re unsure of the shade you need, take a look on Findation to get your colour match by entering your usual shades in other products. Upon doing this, I was advised on shade 3.5. I ordered from Beauty Bay for £12.50 (available here) and want to just reiterate why I love ordering from this website; if you set up an account, you can become tribe member. This means that you earn all kinds of rewards and discounts by collecting points each time you purchase, eventually leveling up to access additional rewards – definitely a good idea if you love saving money! The delivery was really fast, as per, and when I opened the package I must admit I was a little worried….

Pros and Cons

Even though I had retrieved my colour match, the foundation looked super orange which is something I had read online but chose to ignore. My main criticism of this product, however, doesn’t lie in the foundation itself – it’s in the packaging. I am not sure WHO invented the annoying faulty foundation pump, but that needs to stopppp! It makes the product come out in sporadic bursts, and it sometimes just refuses to work. However, as their are other ways of getting foundation out of the bottle, this isn’t too major. Moreover, while I was worried about the orange tone, when I actually applied the foundation to my skin it wasn’t orange at all! If anything, it was a better shade than the foundations I have used before.

Now let’s get on to the benefits. The first major one is that EX1 is a completely cruelty free brand, even refraining from selling products in countries that require testing on animals by law. The products are free of fragrance, oil, and parabens – more info on why parabens are bad can be found here. I do think it needs to move on towards a more eco-friendly means of packaging, but it is doing pretty well thus far! Before applying the product, make sure you prime (try The Ordinary Silicone Primer). To apply this foundation, I used a Morphe flat top buffer brush and the application was sooooo smooth. The foundation was set with Laura Mercier powder and the finished result was fab! It gives really full coverage without being too heavy, enabling it to be used as an ‘out out’ foundation, or a day-time one. The first time I used it was for a night out (with pics shown below) and it stayed on SO well all night, which convinced me that it was an essential in my holiday make-up bag, where it also proved incredible.

The End Result

Other than the funny hairband which I think we should all just ignore, this foundation looks pretty fab right? It is SO much better than other brands I have previously used as my going out foundation, despite being only a fraction of the price. Moreover, it is so diverse it can still be worn during the day. While I won’t be completely discarding The Ordinary Foundation as a great day time option, this foundation is a really close competitor – give it a try!

If you have any questions regarding the foundation, or would like information on products used, leave a comment or drop me a message!

I am looking to do some bold eye shadow looks with a fab new palette I purchased this week, so keep an eye out. Enjoy your week everyone!

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