Jade Rollers – Are They Worth The Hype?

Good Morning everyone! I hope your week is going well so far. My week has been pretty relaxed, although I went to watch Kinky Boots last night via a showing at my local cinema and OH MY GOODNESS. If you have never seen it, please do! I love musicals and I am actually annoyed at myself for having never seen this before!

Before I get on with my blog quickly, I just HAVE to show you guys my make-up from the weekend, completed by the incredible Faye (instagram: makeupbyfayeneill). I had a green dress and she matched my eyeshadow look to the shade PERFECTLY! Like a lot of people, I do really struggle with confidence, and she made me feel like a princess for the day – for ONCE I didn’t hate having my picture taken.

Right, now on to the actual focus of the blog: Jade Rollers

What are Jade Rollers?

This is a skin phenomenon I have only recently heard about, which is pretty awful from me as I am usually quite attuned to new skin care products. Having heard about it from a friend, I did a little research. The name is fairly self-explanatory, as it is a roller made of…jade stone. Having read up on it, I saw that it is a little bit like a dermal roller with a large stone on the top, with a smaller one on the bottom for under the eyes/around the mouth. The purpose is to eliminate puffiness and redness on the skin through applying the correct amount of pressure, subsequently massaging the lymphatic system to cause drainage and make you feel like you’ve just had a facial. You can check out more benefits here!

How do you use them?

Judging by the multitude of pages online, it would seem there are many ways to use them. A lot of pages advised keeping the roller in the fridge, while others said that this had no major benefits other than feeling nice. In addition, some said to use before other skincare products, while others advised to apply serums and moisturisers and use the roller to massage them into the skin. I decided to try ALL of the methods, and my favourite was using a cooled jade roller after applying moisturisers and serums as it left my skin feeling verrrry refreshed. I have incorporated this into my daily skincare routine and have therefore been using it twice a day for a couple of weeks, pushing the roller in upward motions with gentle pressure. Again, there are differing sources which state opposing views on this, but I have included a link which can give you a little more information here.

Where can I buy one?

Having read mixed reviews online, I was reluctant to pay a large sum of money for one. I think the price ranges from around £15-£20 from most major retailers/beauty sites, but I bagged mine for £4 on wowcher – the link to buy is here! Delivery took a little longer – just over a week – but I would rather pay less and wait.

Do they really work?

Ok, honestly? I don’t think they are completely revolutionary. They make my skin feel nice, and it’s a good little tool to encompass in my skincare routine, but I wouldn’t say it has had a huge impact. It’s a nice way of massaging in serums and moisturisers, and it definitely does feel great when it’s cold. I think it’s something I will continue to use, but I am dubious about whether it’s going to really reduce any scarring or redness I have from acne. I would say definitely give it a try, but don’t expect too much or invest too much time and money in this trend!

Overall, I am glad I made the purchase and tried it for myself. I will keep my eyes peeled for more skincare trends to try so that I can give you all an honest answer as to whether I would recommend! In my last post I said I would be trying some new eye shadow looks so hold tight; it is a work in progress at the moment! Have an amazing week everyone xxx

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