New Identity – Trying New Things With the Beauty Bay Palette

Morning all! Wednesday’s are one of my favourite days as I get a slight lie in and can make myself breakfast in bed.

The above Pin has made me realise how weak my breakfast game is. First of all, my view consists of a block of uni halls opposite mine, my ‘tray’ is just a large plate, my coffee is in a Harry Potter mug and my breakfast is waaay too healthy in accordance with my vow to eat well (yoghurt, blueberries, banana and chia seeds). I have, however, bolstered its rating by having some custard creams with it which negates the idea of a diet, but also just makes me very happy so WHO. CARES.

Now for the product I will be talking about this week: The Beauty Bay Identity 42 Colour Eyeshadow Palette

The Price and Product

Just for some background, I felt like I needed to extend my palette, so to say. I wanted a palette which would still cater to my natural smokey eyes/nude colours while encouraging me to branch out a little. Having read some reviews, I decided to buy the Beauty Bay Identity Palette, available to buy here from…Beauty Bay. Priced at £25 for a 42 colour palette, this is rivaling the bargain price tags of some of my other favourite eyeshadow palettes like Morphe and BH cosmetics. The colours are just amazing – it has some reds/oranges/pinks and browns alongside purples/greens and even blue! This means that you can play it safe AND go a little bit crazy with this eyeshadow palette – it’s totally up to you. What I ALSO love, is that for amateurs like me, it literally tells you which colours should be used for the base, transition, crease, liner, pop and highlight. I didn’t necessarily stick to this for all my looks as I wanted to try so many different combinations, but I still found it sooo useful.

The Looks

To prime my eyelids, I literally just used an ELF Cosmetics Concealer and then used a light shade from the palette to set (it comes with an amazing range of light shades to fit any look). Just to put it out there, I definitely do not claim to be a professional MUA so some of these eyeshadow looks may not be your cup of tea, but I had a lot of fun experimenting. At first I seemed to just KEEP doing a standard smoky eye (which I have actually included in my 4 favourite looks here), but I managed to branch out eventually. So here are my four favourite outcomes of the palette:

The Pink Look: For this look , I followed the instructions of the palette, using the recommended base, transition, crease etc.I deffo want to go a little brighter with it next time though, but I wasn’t feeling too brave!
The Purple Look: This was one of the times I was feeling a little bit braver and went absolutely rogue with the palette, even opting for green on the look. I actually LOVED the end result and will be trying more styles like this in the future.
The Orange Look: This palette is inundated with amazing reds/oranges and golds. Like the purple, I just mixed and matched random colours to try and experiment!
The Classic Smoky Eye: Of course I wouldn’t be able to use a palette without doing this look! We all know I LOVE a smoky eye and this palette lets me achieve this.

All in all, I would say that this is a must-have! I definitely need to work on my creativity as I still think I played it a little safe but I was still happy with the finished looks.

The lashes used here are either TL3 by Tatti Lashes or some Ebay lashes for £2.98 which are unfortunately now out of stock, but I have left the link here just in case!

If any of you have any tips/looks you would recommend, please do drop me a message here or leave a comment!

Hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I will be back again next week!

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