Why I Love TK Maxx – This Month’s Star Buys!

It’s that time again! Another Wednesday, another blog post. We’re half way through the week – you can do this!

In this week’s post, I am going to be talking about my two star buys this month, both of which I bought from TK Maxx. Funnily enough, I have only really been shopping there for the past year and now I am wondering WHY I didn’t start sooner – I have missed out on years of bargains.

Initially I was just shopping there to buy clothes and bags – if you’re a DKNY fan then take a look at their bags as they have some really cute discounted styles (one of which I may have accidentally ordered). However, they are GREAT for skincare and hair-care products too, and those are the two categories I will be talking about in this blog. Let’s get started on this month’s star buys!

Product 1) Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Recovery Hair Mask

RRP: £17
TK Maxx Price: £7.99
Savings: £9.01
Where can I buy? Click here!
Works best for? Dry hair
How to use: Wash hair as normal then run the product through the mid length to the ends of the hair – leave in for 5 minutes and rinse!

I’ve previously championed Bed Head products in my hair-care routine post, which you can check out here! I was looking for a hair mask to add to this routine when I came across this recovery mask which works to hydrate dry hair. I’ve mentioned before that my hair is quite damaged from years of box dye and bleach – let me just reiterate you should listen to your Mum when she tells you to LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE. Luckily, it is finally looking a lot healthier, but it is important I maintain a strict hair regime to keep it in check. As you will know from previous posts, I am a student, which means I can’t really afford to be spending ridiculous amounts of money on beauty products. This is why I absolutely LOVE TK Maxx as it allows me to buy the best brands for a fraction of the RRP. I’ve been using this product for a couple of weeks now and have noticed visible results already! My hair is soft and shiny and I have actually noticed it is looking a lot thicker too. This is the perfect treatment for a pamper on a budget.

Product 2) dr. Eve_Ryouth Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid Hydrabright Day Moisturiser

RRP: £60
TK Maxx Price: £9.99
Savings: £50.01 (!!!!)
Where can I buy? Get to your local TK Maxx store and check it out for the discounted price!
Works best for? Great skim primer
How to use: Apply one daily as part of your morning routine (after cleansers/toners/serums) and leave to set before primer.

For a long time, I have been using The Ordinary’s moisturising factors as my go-to moisturiser (check out my post on it here). While I still love that product, I have been reading up recently on Vitamin C moisturisers and their multiple benefits, which include:

  • Accelerates collagen and elastin to keep the skin firm and plump
  • Reduces skin pigmentation by preventing melanin production
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Brightens the skin

(Read more on the benefits here!)

When I came across this bargain I was soooo excited as it is probably the biggest saving I have ever made at TK Maxx. The moisturiser is really firm which I like, as it primes my makeup really well. It also smells great and my skin is looking brighter already. It contains the recommended form of vitamin C which is L-ascorbic acid which is one of the most potent anti-oxidants in reducing pigmentation and scarring (which I suffer with quite badly) and another key ingredient is hyaluronic acid which assists in hydrating the skin. Is it worth 60? Probably not no. Is it worth a tenner? YES – GET BUYING!!!! I have been using this for a couple of weeks and I have loved it so far – if I can get it using the same offer again then it will definitely be a repeat purchase.

Total savings this month: £59.01!!

I’m sure you guys can now see why I absolutely love TK Maxx for skincare/hair-care and beauty products – I actually have my eye on an Anastasia Beverly Hills palette in there right now but I am resisting purely because I do not need it…or do I? Fine you’ve convinced me, I’ll buy it! My only issue with TK Maxx is that their website isn’t great – you would need to go into your local store to get the best bargains but I can guarantee you it will be worth it.

I really hope you enjoyed this week’s post and I will be back again next week to discuss all things aesthetic!! xxx

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