Morphe Haul – Three Products You Have to Buy!

Happy Wednesday! Not a great week for me this week, but posting on here always relaxes me so I am feeling better already. What is good about this week though, is that I got my hands on some brand new Morphe products which I have been itching to try !

Morphe is a great all-rounder as a brand, producing amazing eyeshadow palettes, brushes, and much much more. It’s cruelty free (which is an essential) and also sells a range of vegan products too. I’ve used their eyeshadow, brushes, and baking powder in the past (check out my thoughts here) and have absolutely loved them so I thought it was time to branch out and try something new. Here are the three products I purchased…

Product 1 – Eyelid Primer

Price: £10
Colour: Translucent
Where can I buy? Cult Beauty

For a while now I have been struggling to get my hands on a really good eyeshadow primer, and have taken to using concealer instead as none agreed with me. As Morphe has been great for past products, I thought I would give their eyelid primer a go. I first used it on a night out, so the eyeshadow was rather dramatic, but it held really well. A little goes a long way and the colour is perfect – it gives good coverage under the brows as well to give a sharp definition. Take a look at the result below!

Apologies as it does look a little messy!

As you can see, it really helps with not only priming the lids, but also defining brows as well – a great multi-functional product which I would highly recommend.

Product 2 – Liquid Full Coverage Concealer

Price: £10.00
Colour: C1.35
Where can I buy? Cult Beauty

At the moment, I am loving Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Multi-Use Concealer. I am about to run out though and thought I’d try something new, and Morphe’s Liquid Full Coverage Concealer is a strong contender! I think the main reason it doesn’t quite beat it is because the colour isn’t warm enough for me. That’s entirely my fault though, because I didn’t actually colour match myself on

Its staying power is soooo good and it does blend really well, meaning that I would definitely buy again in a different shade!

Also this headband is a literal life-saver!!! Get yourselves to primark ASAP.

Product 3 – Continuous Setting Mist

Price: £16.00
Where can I buy? Cult Beauty

I am potentially saving the best ’til last here! I’ve waited for a long time to find a product which surpasses Urban Decay’s All Nighter setting spray, but this is… dare I say it… even better?! I use setting spray on both my highlighting brush for staying power, and on my face after I have finished my make-up. The brilliant thing about this is that it is a mist, so you don’t have to worry about random splashes of spray jeopardising your make-up. My make-up stayed on all night, and the price makes this a really worthwhile purchase. Take a look at my finished look:

As you can see, by finished look I definitely did not mean finished hair and outfit. Although you should know by now I just love posting in my pyjamas!

All in all, that was a really impressive haul. I also really did not mean to rhyme there, but there we have it! While shopping isn’t necessarily the remedy for having a bad time, a little bit of self-care definitely is. Giving myself a little treat, pamper, and getting all made up with my new make-up definitely made me feel better. If you have any other tips on self-care, do drop me a message! As always, it’s fab to hear from people.

It’s not long now until I present this blog to my class-mates, and I am SUUUPER nervous, so the rest of my week will be spent preparing my presentation. Whatever you’re doing, I hope it’s wonderful. Speak soon xxx

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