Stay In and Stay Safe – Some Self-Care Tips if You’re Struggling with Isolation!

Hey guys! I hope you’re all staying safe in light of recent events. It’s a scary world right now, and I know that I’ve been feeling stressed, so my emails/comments are open if you need anyone to talk to (you can drop me a message here). While we are all staying in, I know that I will probably revert to a little bit of online shopping and I have a code for you guys if you wanna engage in some retail therapy while in isolation! A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to do an interview with Today’s Lifestyle, which you can read here. They have very kindly given me a code to use on their website, which hosts a fabulous range of skincare and haircare products:

1. (TDLS50) to get 50% DISCOUNT on the first purchase.
2. (TOP10BLOGGERS) for 10% DISCOUNT on the second purchase.

So I am currently pretty much in isolation due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and it means I am actually stuck on my own in my uni room most of the time as all lectures are now being delivered online and I have to work from home. To keep calm, I would usually go to the gym and do a bit of sport, but my gym has closed and netball is called off. It’s great that measures are being taken to keep us safe, and I urge you to comply, but it can be really overwhelming. I’ve been struggling being on my own over the past few days, so I’m going to share some tips I have used to keep me calm.

Step 1 – Skincare

Just to confirm, I am in noooo way suggesting that you can cope with this outbreak by taking care of your skin. However, if you’re stuck in isolation it is so easy to feel sluggish, run down and, quite frankly, a little gross. Because of this, I am making sure I stick to my routine of cleanse/tone/moisturise so I at least feel slightly human. I am also using a nice facemask a couple of times a week which I have always found nice and relaxing. Some of my faves are:

Step 2 – Home Workouts

Staying active has always helped keep me calm when I am stressed, and I have been finding it really tricky not being able to go to the gym at the moment with everything that’s going on. As such, I have taken to doing some home workouts in my uni room. My advice would be to order yourself a couple of resistance bands (which can be purchased here) and search up some good online home workouts. One of my favourites can be found here.

Step 3 – Home Nail Treatments

So, I don’t know about you, but I always feel a bit better when I have my nails done. I’ve spoken about how I do my own gel nails before, and this week has been the perfect time to have a little pamper. You can buy your gel lamp here for £10, and you can click this link here to buy the shade Cashmere, which I am using. As it is quite a time consuming process which requires concentration, it is actually really therapeutic and can help take your mind off the worries of the outside world.

Step 4 – Talk to People and Stay Off Social Media

If you’ve been online recently, you have probably noticed that social media is filled with scary, and often fake, news. Have a little social media cleanse during this period definitely only listen to reliable sources for facts surrounding the pandemic. I’ve found the constant discussion of something which I am fearful of so draining, so I have been keeping a low profile online, choosing to stay in touch with my family and friends via text message instead of other platforms. Talking out my fears with people I love and trust has been extremely helpful. However, I do know that it can be difficult to share fears with people you know, and I want to reiterate how I am more than happy to offer advice/listen to your concerns.

I know this post hasn’t been very aesthetic orientated, but it didn’t feel right in light of recent events. While these tips may not work for everyone, they have helped me recently. Most importantly, though, KEEP SAFE. I’m sending positive thoughts out to everyone xxxx

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