My Beauty Bay Haul – Look Good, Feel Good!

Hi guys! I hope this week has been as good as it can be at the moment. Unfortunately for me, I’ve started displaying a few symptoms and have been pretty under the weather, which is why my post is coming a little later than usual – sorry! Luckily, before I started to feel unwell, I got to try out some new products I ordered from Beauty Bay! While this might not work for everyone, for me personally, getting a little glammed up makes me feel really good about myself, even when in lock down. I’ve spent the past few weeks looking…different…based on the fact I’ve not had to get ready to go anywhere. Now I’m unwell, I’ve reverted back to that look, but before that I had a lot of fun trying out my new products and putting makeup on when I was feeling rubbish! Here’s a little before and after for you:

Being in lock down has meant I’ve managed to save up, so I thought I was due a little pick-me-up! Here are the products used to create this look…

Product 1 – The Brushes

Brand? BH Cosmetics
Cruelty free? Yes
Price? £20
Where can I buy? Beauty Bay

The last time I bought myself new brushes was well over a year ago now! This meant that it was time for a change. I know I said I was treating myself, but I didn’t want to go overboard on the price, so I went straight for BH cosmetics, which has always had rave reviews but maintains an affordable price range. This ten piece set includes:

  • 123 Flat Top Buffing Brush – A flat topped, fluffy brush for blending.
  • 124 Tapered Face Blending Brush – A tapered brush designed to sculpt and contour.
  • 125 Tapered Contour Brush – A long bristled tapered brush also for contouring, providing a natural finish.
  • 126 Precision Blush Brush – A fluffy bristled brush created used to apply blush to the cheeks.
  • 127 Angled Face Shader Brush – A thin brush, used to create a chiselled finish to your contour.
  • 128 Small Blending Brush – A small, dense brush, perfect for blending out eye shadows.
  • 129 Small Round Blending Brush – A bristled brush for a soft-focus finish to your eye look.
  • 130 Large Shader Brush – A flat bristled brush created to add colour to your eyelids.
  • 131 Nose Contour Brush – A brush designed to sculpt the sides of the nose for a slimmer appearance.
  • 132 Precision Detailer Brush – A long brush ideal for applying shadow along the lash line.

New makeup brushes always feel great, but these are honestly amazing! I particularly lovely the flat topped brush hand the tapered contour brush, as they made my base makeup look super smooth. I’m also a major fan of the nose contour brush as I am REALLY insecure about my nose, so anything that makes it look smaller is a yes from me. I would definitely advise you to try these brushes if you’re looking for a good brand that won’t break the bank.

Product 2 – The Highlighter

Brand? Beauty Bay
Cruelty free? Yes
Price? £12
Where can I buy? Beauty Bay

I managed to break my Doll Beauty highlighter a few weeks ago, which of course meant it was time for a new one! A palette I’ve wanted to try for a while is the Beauty Bay Brilliance Bouncy Beam highlighter palette as the colours are just insane! This palette is a bargain as you get four highlighters, meaning that they’re technically £3 each. The lighter I used is ‘Radiant’ for contouring my cheeks, ‘Strobe’ for the corner of my eyes and a mix of ‘Charmed’ and ‘Shine Bright’ for contouring my nose, upper cheeks and upper lip. They have a great staying power and the colour transfers so well onto the face – the issue with a lot of highlighters is that they look great, but they are too dusty to display a good colour. They’re also not too OTT but you can build with them. This means you can achieve a natural look or a glam look depending on your mood. My favourite highlighting brush is the NABLA brush which you can buy here for £10.50!

I went for a slightly more natural look here, but I think the highlighter looks fab!

Product 3 – The Lashes

Brand? Doll Beauty
Cruelty free? Unfortunately not 😦
Price? £10
Where can I buy? Beauty Bay

So, I wasn’t actually sure if I wanted to promote these lashes given that they’re not cruelty free, but I will give an honest opinion. They’re nice, and they were a good balance between natural and glam – see the below pic. However, they don’t hold that well and I actually bought them thinking they were cruelty free (the website says it is cruelty free but when I read the lash packaging it said mink hair). If you are interested, I am wearing the ‘Eva’ style, which I do genuinely like. However, they’re pretty expensive and, while good, I would say you can find some better alternatives in the SoSu by Suzanne Jackson, a range you can shop here.

You can actually see where they’ve not taken so well in the corners!

And that’s the end of this week’s post – thank you for reading! If you’re struggling in lock down, or even just in general, feel free to drop me a message or leave a comment. I also would love to hear some suggestions for products to try, so let me know your thoughts!

Have a great Easter weekend, and STAY AT HOME everyone! xxx

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