Nailed it – My Views On Revolution Nail Products!

Happy Thursday! I’m finally feeling a little more human having been unwell last week, so that’s a positive. I have been struggling with the lock down recently, and if I’m completely honest, my mental health has taken a bit of a hit. Being unwell didn’t help, but as I’m feeling better now, I’m hoping to do little things to keep myself distracted. I’ve been doing daily workouts, uni work, working from home for my job, and of course blogging! I also find reading very therapeutic and audio books as well if I’m struggling to find the will power to read after a full on day of exam prep. I’ve been trying to do regular pampers so that I feel good about myself as well, and last week my treat from me to me was some new nail stuff! I’ve been isolating at my grandma’s, which means I didn’t have my gel lamp/kit to hand, so I thought I’d give the Revolution brand a go. Here are my thoughts!

The Price and Product

Makeup Revolution is known for being an affordable brand that provides high quality results which is why I thought I’d give their nail products a try. I’m used to gels, but they’re not the best for your nails, so I thought I’d invest in a few products to really help get my nails back into shape ready for me to have my gels on when this is all over. I went for a nice subtle nude/pink colour (called lingerie). I’ve never been one for bright nail colours for some reason, and I tend to stick to pinks/nudes/greys to make sure my nails never clash with my outfits. All the products I bought are below, with the links to purchase:

Makeup Revolution Care and Repair Nail Treatment – £4.00
Makeup Revolution High Gloss Nail Polish (Lingerie) – £4.00
Makeup Revolution Plump and Shine Gel Top Coat £3.95
Makeup Revolution Nourish and Care Cuticle Oil – £5.00
Total: £16.95

It’s worth noting that the reviews are great and the products sell out really fast, so get buying ASAP if you want a bargain!

How to Apply

So I thought the products were great when I used them! They dry really quickly, and combining some nail treatments was really effective in helping my nails look and feel healthier – I think my favourite was the cuticle oil as it made me feel like a professional haha! Each product is fast drying and doesn’t smudge. However, you can only really do one layer of the lingerie varnish as it starts to peel if you do any more. Luckily, it has a really even finish so it doesn’t matter too much. They’re also quite durable; I’ve had the varnish on since Monday and haven’t had any chipped nails yet which is a result! For what I paid, I think it was worth it. It wasn’t too time consuming because of the fast drying, and I LOVE that it doesn’t smudge – that’s an issue I have with quite a few nail varnishes (FYI avoid Barry M nail varnishes).

Final thoughts? I would say give these products a go! I’m going to invest in a few other colours too so that I can switch it up a bit. I know it might seem pointless because no one will see me anyway, but it’s helping me restore some normality into my life in such an uncertain and unprecedented time.

On that note, I want to make a point of saying again that if you are struggling as I have been, please do feel free to drop me a message. If you feel you need a professional service, I’ve used Samaritans in the past (by calling 116 123) and they were an incredible help. More than ever, it’s essential that we are looking out for each other and keeping ourselves healthy physically AND mentally. Blogging has been a huge help throughout this, so I also owe those who read my posts a huge thank you!

Tomorrow is Friday, and while we may all be losing track of the days right now, let’s try and get that Friday feeling and look forward to the weekend ahead!

Speak soon everyone xxx

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