Lips and Lashes on Lock!

Good morning! I genuinely hope it is a good morning for you all. I’ve been a little more positive this week about things and I’ve been going on long walks as my daily outdoor exercise which I have also found beneficial.

It’s also been quite refreshing to have a break from makeup, although my skin doesn’t seem to think so! I’ve seen so many posts where people have been saying lockdown has done wonders for their skin. Has this happened with mine??? NOPE! If you’re a regular on my posts, you’ll know I’ve struggled with bad skin since I was about 11. Although having more time on my hands has enabled a greater focus on my skincare regime, mother nature making an appearance and my stress levels recently have caused an annoying breakout. I’ve just completed a two week social media detox and I absolutely loved it because I wasn’t constantly viewing pictures of picture perfect women (which can really impact your confidence if you’re not feeling great). I have them back now, but I’ve reduced my screen time massively, and instead of posting a cheerful photo of me looking all dolled up and pretending everything is fab, you can have some photos of my flared up skin instead! My best advice at the moment would be to try and stay away from social media; it’s inevitable that were not gonna be feeling amazing, and seeing unrealistic and photoshopped pictures where people are looking their best will only exacerbate the problem. Take time out and be happy in your own skin (I’ve embraced the spots)!

Right, now for the subject of this week’s blog: lips and lashes! And first up we have….

Product 1 – The Lip Mask

It’s no secret that I’ve used dermal fillers in the past (click here to see my blog post where I discuss them). They’re not for everyone and it’s really not a decision that should be taken lightly, so I just want to make it clear that I never have and never will promote the use of lip fillers.

Of course, being in lockdown I can’t actually get my lips topped up anyway! I mentioned in last week’s post that I was feeling pretty rubbish, so my best friend very kindly left a care package outside for me, which included these really cool lip masks!

Dermal fillers start at around £100 for 0.5ml and can go upwards of £250 for more. These little masks are…£1!!! That’s 50p per lip mask as they come in a pack of two – check them out on the B&M website here. The packet says that they moisturise and plump the lips, and they’re infused with collagen, which is a natural remedy for enhancing lip volume. I’m sure given the bargain price you may be skeptical as to whether they work – let’s see!

Not only is the volume of my lips visibly enhanced, they were left feeling really soft and smooth so the moisturising promise was most certainly met. While the effects are less permanent, I’m excited to continue using these masks throughout lockdown to keep my full lips in place! These little masks are a must have (even if I did looks a little strange while wearing one).

Product 2 – The Last Lift

I’ve never been one to wear individual lashes as I just end up picking them all out, so my usual go to lash treat is the lash lift. Right now, more than ever, I felt like this was a must-have because I’m makeup free every day but still want a little boost so that I’m feeling good when rocking the natural look. So, I thought why not try it myself…

I purchased this product from amazon for £20.99 – click here to buy! The instructions are really clear, but I just want to say, it is really fiddly to use at first. Here are the steps:

Sounds easy right? I mean, it was once I got the hang of it! So for step one, my advice is to apply the glue to your lashes and the pads before trying to fix them on the lid. Once you’ve placed the glue on the pad/your lashes, fix onto your eyelid and use a cotton bud to gently stroke up the lashes so that they stick to the pad. I also used a cotton bud to apply the perm solution and the fixation lotion. This is what it will look like – it’s a little strange.

Staying still for around 30 minutes was harder than you’d think, but I was actually really happy with the finished result.

As you can see, my lashes are visibly lifted, although I wouldn’t say it’s salon quality. I think it would be better to use the product with a tinting solution too for optimal results, but I was still really pleased with the outcome for my first time trying! You’ve got to be patient, but we all have a lot of time on our hands right now don’t we?

That’s all for this week! I have honestly really enjoyed trying out some cool home treatments during lockdown and I would recommend giving it a go if you’re looking for something new to try. We’re all missing our usual beauty treatments at the moment, but that doesn’t mean we have to go without! It’s also a really nice distraction, particularly if you’re an over-thinker like myself. I say it every week, but if you’re struggling and need a chat, contact me here! Sometimes it’s good to speak with someone you don’t know as well. Also give me a message or leave a comment with recommendations of any other products you think I should try – I am open to all suggestions. Here’s a picture of me with half wet hair, no makeup, and pretty rubbish skin as a reminder that what you see on social media isn’t always accurate – don’t pay too much attention to it!

Stay safe everyone xxx

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