Get Ready With Me (Again) – A Full Makeup Tutorial!

Hi everyone, and welcome to this week’s blog! And what a rubbish week we are having with the weather, although I’m not sure what I prefer; is it better for the weather to be bad when we are stuck indoors anyway, or is the sunshine uplifting in difficult times? I think my mixed views display how neither situation is exactly ideal, however there are things we can do to try and make how we are feeling slightly better. At the moment, I am loving having a daily pamper, reading more books, watching rubbish on Netflix, going on walks, and doing home workouts. I’ve also decided to do my makeup a couple of times a week to keep me feeling human, which you will know if you read my post a couple of weeks ago on my BeautyBay haul! I’ve not actually done a full makeup tutorial for you guys since December though (check it out here), and some products I use have changed since then, so why not do a big makeup post?! Here is a nice little before picture if you guys need a laugh (I know I do)!

I’ve just noticed I am so pale I would probably disappear into my wall if it was white…

Aaaaand here is a meme to summarise how I am feeling about the above picture…

Wow, I also LOVE the caption of this pin haha! Well, at least I am funny sometimes I hope…Anyway, time to stop rambling. Here’s the tutorial!

Step 1 – Prime

So this is a pretty easy step, although for some reason I didn’t actually take a before and after picture. Here is the order in which I apply the products:
1) Dr Everyouth Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Day Moisturiser – £13.99 on gogroupie.
2) The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer – £3.95 from BeautyBay.
3) RCMA No-Color Powder – £11.75 from BeautyBay.
4) Morphe Continuous Setting Mist – £16 from Cult Beauty.

So, I am absolutely IN LOVE with this prime routine. I’ve always moisturised and then applied primer, but I would highly recommend setting your primer with a translucent powder and setting spray – you will notice a huge difference when it comes to the durability of your makeup and it goes on soooo much better.

Step 2 – Brows

The products used here are my all time faves:
1) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in shade Soft Brown – £19 from Cult Beauty.
2) ZOEVA Graphic Brow Fix in shade Ammos – £9 from Beauty Bay.
3) Morphe Liquid Full Coverage Concealer in shade C1.35 – £10 from Cult Beauty

As my hair is blonde (despite the awful roots I have right now due to being unable to visit a hairdressers) I don’t go too dark with my brows. However, more shades are available in the products I recommend depending on what kind of colour you go for. While £19 is a bit expensive for a brow gel (I may have cried at the time of purchasing), it has lasted for 2 years and I am still no where close to finishing so I think we can view this as an investment.

Step 3 – Eyes

Right, I had to improvise pretty hard here as I don’t have a lot of makeup with me. As mentioned above, I used concealer to prime my lids, and then I used a bronzer and highlighter to create a natural bronze look which I love for the daytime. Here are the products:
1) Doll Beauty Gimme Sun Matte Bronzer in shade Medium – £15 from BeautyBay.
2) MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in shade Golden Scintillation – £2.99 from Luxplus.
3) Unicorn Cosmetics Lashes in style Peachy Pie – £10 from BeautyBay.

Now, this is definitely not the most dramatic eyeshadow look I’ve done but this is my go to for a more natural, glowy, daytime look, and I often use highlighters and bronzers as eyeshadows too which makes them an even better investment. While the lashes are £10, they are reusable which means that these are also an investment and they work out cheaper than less expensive lash brands as they last longer.

Step 4 – Base

Here we have two of my favourite ever makeup products for base makeup, and I would highly recommend you purchase ASAP! I’ve tried a lot of brands, but I’ve never found a foundation or concealer as enduring as these two. The products are:
1) EX1 Cosmetics Invisiwear Liquid Foundation in shade 3.5 – £12.50 from BeautyBay.
2) Maybelline Instant Anti-Age Multi-Use Concealer in shade Neutraliser – £8.99 from Superdrug.

These are really great products which are priced well too! My foundation is a little too dark for me right now though, but that’s purely because I am not fake tanning at the moment! If you want to find the perfect shade in the foundation/concealer, take a look on Findation to get your match based on the shades you use in your current products.

Step 5 – Contour

Time to sculpt my face into something slightly more appealing. Some of the products here can definitely be replaced with cheaper alternatives, but again, I’m limited with the products I have to hand. Products used here are:
1) Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder – £32 from Look Fantastic. A cheaper alternative which is *almost* as good is Morphe’s Bake and Set Powder in shade Banana for £12 from Cult Beauty.
2) EX1 Invisiwear Compact Powder in shade 11 – £11.50 from BeautyBay.
3) Mac Studiofix Powder Plus Foundation in shade C35 – £27 from MAC. However, you can get much cheaper pressed powders which do the job – EX1 do many shades on BeautyBay, and you can buy the Revolution Pressed Powder for £2 from Superdrug.

As you can see, I am starting to look slightly more human now! Contouring can be quite tricky, so I am fairly basic with my method so as not to overdo it. That being said, I’m happy with the result!

Step 6 – Highlight

As you can see, I sat on this palette and smashed the mirror…

This product is my new favourite highlighter! The BeautyBay Brilliance Bouncy Beam palette is £12 from BeautyBay. I used ‘Radiant’ for contouring the corners of my cheeks, ‘Strobe’ for the corner of my eyes and under my brows and a mix of ‘Charmed’ and ‘Shine Bright’ for contouring my nose, cheekbones and upper lip. Here’s the result! I apply setting spray to my brush before application for the best results.

Step 7 – Lips

Right, I am sure if you’re a regular here you will know that I just ADORE a nude lip! I know I need to branch out, and I will try to do so, but as this is a daytime look I had to go for a natural nude colour. The products used were:
1) Milani Colour Statement Lipliner in shade Nude – £6.50 from BeautyBay.
2) Doll Beauty Lipstick in shade Golden Girl – £13 from BeautyBay.
3) Doll Beauty Lipgloss in shade #Gobby – £13 from BeautyBay.

I absolutely love these colours together as they create a really cute pinky nude that’s both glossy and natural! The lipstick is also nice and creamy which I like, as matte lipsticks can really dry my lips out. The durability of the lipliner is fabulous too, and I love the pinker tone of the gloss – the perfect nude!

Now to set again with setting spray and I am FINISHED! Here is the end result!

Doing my makeup, taking some selfies and going on nice long walk really calmed me down the other day when I was having a bit of a meltdown, and I would strongly advise you all to find something which has the same effect as it genuinely works. Here are some cute pictures I took on my walk…

PHEW – that’s the longest post I’ve done in a while, but I really enjoyed it and I hope some of like the products I have recommended. In the meantime, remember to contact me and/or leave a comment with any anxieties/recommendations or even if you just fancy a chat – my ears are open. Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Stay safe xxxx

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