About me

I always find it so strange trying to find things to say about myself, but here goes! I am a 21 year old student with a serious passion for all things beauty. I started experimenting with make-up when I was younger and DEFINITELY suffered a multitude of make-up mishaps – does anyone else remember the dream matte mouse foundation stage???? An orange face and pale neck was NEVER a good look for me I am afraid.

Since then I would like to think I have improved my make-up finesse and now seek to find good products on a budget (student life)! I have also always suffered with really bad skin, and will make sure I am super transparent about this with you all on my blog. My favourite colour is yellow, I am Harry Potter OBSESSED, I love dogs and I also enjoy playing netball. Oh… and I am always happiest with a glass of prosecco/gin in my hand.

I think that’s about enough from me for now -I hope you all enjoy the blog!

Love Hattie xxx

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