BrWOW – perfect your brows for £6 this Christmas!

Happy Thursday! We are so close to the weekend now and I already have that Friday feeling (especially since I am going to see Giggs with my bestie in London).

The weekend is nearly here, my pj’s are on, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is playing…AND I AM BROKE! Wow Christmas has ruined my bank account – it’s a good my Christmas spirit never dies isn’t it?! As such, I am bringing to you the make-up product that will perfect your brows for £6.

The Price and Product

The NYX eyebrow cake powder contains two shades of powder, a gel to set, and two brushes (a spooley and flat). The colour I went for is blonde (shown above) which is still fairly dark, although the perfect colour for me. This is available on Cult Beauty here and they are currently doing free delivery on all orders over £15 – another reason to buy more makeup, right? Priced at £6, you really can’t go wrong with this, especially considering what it contains. Cult Beauty aren’t currently offering student discount unfortunately (sorry students) HOWEVER, NYX is completely cruelty-free as well as really well priced, so all-in-all I can let the lack of student discount go this one time…

My brows are pretty patchy from the year 8 days where MAJORLY overplucked brows were apparently a serious vibe (????), so having a good brow kit is essential to rectify the mess left by 13 year old me.

The Process

Step 1

After I have primed my face, I fluff my brows out using the spooley brush and then use the flat brush to mix the gel and the darker shade to form my outline. My one complaint is that the flat brush is a bit too fluffy; it’s not as easy to get that sharp edge I really love, but I can tidy this up later with concealer.

Step 2

I then fill in the gaps with the lighter powder shade using soft stroke motions and fluff out again using the spooley brush to give the hairs a more defined look. I stupidly forgot to take a picture of this step prior to step three, however this doesn’t matter too much as you will see it below, but to make up for it I have included a cute brow quote.

Step 3

Grab your concealer and use a flat brush to apply under the brow to create a nice sharp line.

To achieve this, I used my elf cosmetics 16 hour camo concealer in shade ‘fair warm’ with a flat morphe brush I received in a gift set. Once you have created that sharp line, blend downwards and then prime your lid, My prime preference is the Jordana eyeshadow primer which Beauty Bay no longer stock, so I am on the hunt for a new one and will be taking recommendations!

Step 4

Excuse the super boring make-up – I was off to work so the glam was kept to a minimum.

Grab your fave highlighter and apply to the arch to finalise the look! I have an array of highlighters, but in this instance I used the Doll Beauty highlighter in shade ‘shine bright’.

And here we have the finished look! Not bad brows for £6 huh? I must admit, this is a pretty basic make-up look and I usually like to be a little more experimental, but for the purpose of showing how I do my brows this worked pretty well. I will be doing a full going out make-up look soon though so make sure you subscribe to be notified when new posts. I also have a skincare product to show you guys and I cannot waaaait!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend xxx

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